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16.1hh 6yo dutch mare, a compact type, she has bred one foal in holland as her dam line is highly sought after. Broken last year she has been out training on a number of occasions, she is jumping a small course at home well and will be ready to go to a show soon. real jumper prospect.

this filly combines some of the worlds most popular bloodlines, 16.1hh 2yo . she is a true sport horse for the future and a store of the highest calibre. in her first jumps loose she loks natural and she moves with a real quality too, straight from the farm.

16.1hh now 2yo stunning dutch filly, straight from the farm and from a very good family. her grand dam jumped to 140cm level then produced this mares dam and the licensed stallion 'adamo', the 140cm jumper 'golden lady' by voltaire and the 2* eventer 'get ready' for philip dutton in the usa. looks a real jumper in her first jumps, has  a real future in the sport...

16.2hh 6yo german gelding, by the top stallion chacco blue who needs no introduction. On his dam line we find a lot of tb blood, making this chap suuitable for both the showjumping and eventing job. hes come straight from the farm where hes mainly just hacked, and is now ripe to produce. loose he looks the goods and is sure to have a big future.

16hh 3yo dutch mare, nice short coupled neat tupe, shes straight off the farm. her keur graded dam jumped to 140cm level and then prodiuced 'zanini' who jumped to 135cm level, 'wyaminka' who jumped to 130cm level. Her grand dam produced the AES licensed stallion 'Jodokus' aswell as 'ryaminka' who was elite graded and a 140cm jumper. this mare  is green in her first loose jumps but looks to have a lot of quality, aswell as a great step. super temperament ..

16.1hh 4yo dutch mare,Her dam jumped to 140cm level herself, and the full sister to this mares dam was 'notorious utopia' ridden to 160cm level in the usa under karl cook. this simply is the dream ticket. she moves with effortless quality and lightness, and is electric from the floor having all the scope and care, she will be a top flight prospect for this years 4yo classes showjumping or eventing and is very exciting. she will go all the way. just backed and ready to go on.

17hh 6yo dutch mare, ster and prok graded herself, this mare is of the highest quality, she ticks all the boxes. for this reason she has bred two foals prior to our purchase and is now ready to break and priduce , she will have a big future.Her dam jumped to 150cm levels before starting breeding, an inevitable future for her due to the calibre of her siblings.


the other full brother to her dam was 'EMIR' (HALLO HALLO) WHO ALSO JUMPED TO 160CM LEVEL IN FRANCE


all in all, this mare is a very valuable jumper and or breeding prospect of the sort that rarely comes to the market. im very excitied about her.

16,1hh 4yo duth gelding,straight from the farm, we have recently sold his full brother showjumping, this guy has a better step than his brother and looks careful and scopey in his loose jumping. is a lovely sort to go on this year with.

16.1hh 3yo dutch mare. gorgeous type, she comes from an absolutely fantastric motherline every generations mother is prestatie graded showing their quality. from the same dam comes 'raloma' by ahorn who jumped to 135cm level, , 'twistaloma' by koriander who jumped to 135cm level, 'iroko loma' by iroko jumped to 135cm level, and 'zorrogoza' by holland who jumped to 140cm level. Her grand mother was very influential in diutch breeding and gave us the licnesed stallion and 140cm jumper 'furore ' by ahorn, 'jaguar' licensed kwpn stallion and 140cm jumper, and most note worthy 'vdl groep palomo' who jumped to 160cm level under micheal van de vleuten. This is the stuff of dreams and the sort hard found, she looks an absolute natural in her first loose jumps. an exciting one...

16.2hh 3yo dutch mare, lovely big scopey type, his dam jumped to 150cm level, and comes from a strong line of jumpers. the full brother the the mares mother 'vorsato m' jumped to 160cm level inc worldcups. The stallion 'remington' by cash who also jumped to 160cm level is a product of this horses grand dam. all in all jumpingf bred through and through! straight from the farm , shows all the quality in her early loose jumps and is a very exciting prospect. 

a born event horse, 17hh stunning dutch mare, from a thoroughly modern dam line with loads of tb blood, she moves, she jumps with class and scope and is an easy ride wirth a great brain. having bred 2 foals shes a late starter but with a brain like hers will soon catch up , she has all the quality.

17hh 5yo dutch mare, lovely big scopey rangey type, she has quality in abundance, really moves and is uber special in her loose jumping, she is the real deal. bred one foal as a 4yo now ready to produce. Could equally go to the top as a jumper or eventer, sort very hard to find...

15.3hh 2yo german colt.super model and flash hes come straight from th farm and comes from the 'twiggy' motherline, one of the most respected dam lines in holland, his grand dam produced the multi licensed stallion 'tjunske' who jumps to 150cm level under willem grieve, aswell as standing at watermolen. hes will be areal jumper/stallion prospect for the future. sort hard found.

16.1hh 3yo mare, rough off the farm, she represents some of the best blood in the world today, she is an elastic mover and a naturally scopey jumper loose in her first jumps. she will have an exciting future. wonderful temperament.

absolute stunner! 16hh now 3yo dutch gelding, this is a modern sport horse with the world at his feet. beautifully bred and made he is the kind of store that will be the envy of any stable. moves with quality and cadence and in his early jumps loose hes a natural .. will have a very big future. one to watch,

NOW THIS IS BRED TO DIE FOR! By the prolific stallion chin chin, his mother jumped herself to 150cm level before producing a number of serious young horses, the eldest being 'chelsey w ' ridden now to 140cm level in UAE by Mohammad al marqouz. His grandmother is the LEGENDARY TWIGGY , herself responsible for a breeding dynasty and  being the start of a long line of world class performance horses too numerous to mention. Most notable in england Billy mexico ridden to top level by william funnel is by le mexico and also a grand child of twiggy. tHIS GUY IS NOT JUST A TOP JUMPER PROSPECT BUT ALSO A BREEDING PROSPECT OF THE SORT OF CALIBRE THAT NORMALLY REQUIRES AN OPEN CHEQUE!  straight from the farm and inthe rough , he is the sort impossible found.,

16.1hh 2yo colt, by the 2012 olympic star ridden for holland bubalu vdl who is held in very high regard and out of a classic jumping damline, make this guy a very valuable stallion/jumper prospect. straight from the farm, with blood like this and being a super modern scopeyt type he looks to have a bright future indeed. 

16hh super neat short coupled dutch gelding.straight from the farm where due to family circumstances and the death of his owner he has been left to mature. hes a great mover and a natural jumper loose, with a super temperament, . riding away sensibly and a great prospect for this summer season..a true junior event type.. lovely model...

15.1hh now 2yo german grey colt. the ultimate sports type, the dam was a lifetime brood mare as her full sister jumped to 140cm level then produced the licensed oldenburg, holstein, hannoverian and bayern  stallion 'le couer' aswell as 'landioso' licensed bayern stallion in germany. This colts grand dam notably produced bessemeinds casino (vid here: ) licensed kwpn, ses, z, aswell as jumping to 160cm level under morten alexander djupvik for norway.

hes stunning and has quality second to none, the sort impossible to find. 


16.1hh 3yo dutch bay mare, straight from the farm, she is a flash type, has  a super quality in her step and a very promising jump loose. will be a real sport horse in the future.

16.1hh 3yo german bred mare, superb modern athletic type, shes oozes quality and has a very careful scopey jump loose in her early jmps. se will have a very promising future eventing or showjumping.

16.2hh stunning 3yo dutch gelding he is a true supermodel, the dream type, a mover and top scope in his early loose jumps. his dam jumped to 140cm level as did her full sister 'bam bam' .  will have a massive future.

16.2hh 5yo rangey big jumper type, her dam is sister to 'voulez vous' 160cm jumper under marc houtzager for the netherlands.the oldest progeny of her dam is 'cambel' by numero uno, who just coming in to his 8th year is already jumping 140cm classes under amke bekhuis in holland.  loose this mare is special, showing her elasticity across the school and over a fence. just broken and ready to produce. great temperament..

16.1hh rising 3yo dutch mare. straight from the farm, she is a decent type, with a super temperament, loose athletic mover and a scopey careful; jump loose. will grow in to a ;lot more money.

16hh 5yo bay mare, along with her sister she comes to us straight from the farm, has a great step and looks a natural jumper loose.a real ladies dressage or event prospect. riding sensibly and ready to go on....

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL..  16.2hh rising 3yo colt. utterly modern in type, he comes from a motherline that represents some of the best blood in the world, his grand dam being responsible for producing 'glocks zaranza' a karandasj stallion who jumps to 160cm level under gerco schroeder for the netherlands. Straight from the farm, he looks the business in his first loose jumps. great temperament.

16.2hh 6yo chestnut mare, the only product of the prolific winner royal rose ridden by steven and ellen  whitakker and out of the internatioanl grade a nova du montios ridden to too many grand prix wins to emntion by andy austin and peter charles. Shes been with us since 4yo and jumnped many clears in 11ocm classes last summer, and is now coming bak after her winter break. fabulous tempered, and a real contender for this years 6yo, she is the DREAM TICKET!