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16hh now 3yo gelding, by the olympic sire verdi and from a truly continental dam line. lovely modern type and a born jumper. a store for 2017 of the highest quality. great temperament sort very hard found.

One set for big things in a small package!!!


she represents breeding at its finest, her dam line is incredible, her dam being a prolfic broodmare responsible for some incredibel progeny. Licensed zangersheide, os, and swb stallion 'nintender' who jumped to world cup level for sweden under Jannike west is one of her progeny, as is 'vegas 55' by namelus r who is aes licensed and jumps to 145cm level. To cement this , 'reno 55' by quannan r is licensed aes while 's nambia 56' (aka silvester V) by germus r jumps to world cup 160cm level aswell under kyle king in the usa. 

Thats quite some pedigree, in light of this she has bred one foal and is now ready to produce. is a ladies dream jumper, she has a flawless technique, scope and care and is ready to break ad produce. will be someones dream horse. fab tempered.

16.1hh 4yo dutch colt. lovely model. his dam competed to 130cm level before producing this guy, her first progeny. The dams brother 'hondurus van de dwerse hagan' by balouco was licensed zangersheide and jumped to 140cm level in spain under glan luca angoy cruyff. green from the farm he is ripe to produce. he has an exciting future.


16.1hh 3yo dutch colt. his dam after jumping to 140cm level herself has produced a number of serious horses, most notably 'copacobana' by wizzerd is jumping currently to 140cm level while brownsville bertie by lucky boy is eventing to 2* level with mark todd. The dams brother 'lelodie' by nimmerdor jumped to 160cm level under linda heed in sweden while 'kelion' by emillion jumped to 150cm level

This hguy is a born athlete, he moves with all his body and jumps with freaky quality, scope and care. a top class store.

this is very special indeed..... 16.2hh rising 5yo dutch mare, her dam jumped to 140cm level proving consistent. She has everything, and for this reason she recently had a foal weaned as putting her in foal was too good an opportunity to miss. Her pedigree is second to none as is her quality, a jumper of world class proportions, this is the sortt impossble to find.. ready to break and produce....

nice big scopey type rough from the farm to make 17hh. he represents a real mix of some of th ebest dutch blood and has an exciting future ahead. In his first loose jumps hes very natural. moves with quality too..

16.1hh now rising 3yo gelding. rough and weak this guy has all the raw materials to be a real good one. he moves with elasticity and jumps in a very naturally scopey and careful way. has an exemplary temperament,

speilberg x voltaire x aram (2010) mare
ultra modern and thoroughly blood type, 16.2hh 5yo mare, she comes from a damline famed for producing world classjumpers. she is a top class mover and a a real jumper. shes been out and about to a few places and has had a basic alround education. top class prospect. sort very hard found.

16hh 3yo gelding, by the amazing zirocco blue vdl who is now jumping to world cup level with jur vrieling and proving to be a real talking horse. From a strong damline wihich combines jumping and tb blood makin g him a serious prospect for both jumoing and eventing. he has an exemplary temperament.

there are no words for this mare, she is everything,,,,.


16.2hh rising 5yo mare, she has bred a foal as 4yo as shes too good an opportunity to miss. Her dam jumped to 140cm level and she looks to have all the ingredients to be a top horse in the future. she moves with loads of stride and has a world class jump loose. we will now start to break her, she is worthy of anybodies string worldwide.. sort impossible to find!!!!

16.1hh 4yo colt, lovely quality type, he must get that from his brother by burgraff, 'zoweja' who jumped to 160cm level in poland under krzysztof ludwiczak and ewas in 2014 in 550th place in the world rankings. lovely modern sort hes got loads of range, and is very intuitive in his first loose jumps, a real natural. a firm yard favourite.,

16.2hh ris9ng 3yo gelding from a phenomenal pedigree, his dam being graded 'ster sport springen' for her prowess as a jumper herself at 140cm level. This guy is straight from the farm and has literally everything needed to be a seriious jumper in the future. sort impossible found, he will one day have his name in lights! great tempered...

16.1hh 3yo dutch colt, what a pedigree..... wow! from  a dam who competed 140cm, her siblings were very special., The well known licensed stallion 'solitair' by voltaire  is her brother, as is 'triviant' (aka eurohills tango) who jumpoed to 160cm level for ireland under shane sweetnam. Furthermore, 'unigrant' also by voltaire jumped to 130cm level. this guy is rough off the farm and has all the quality , and im sure all the ingredients with a little time to license in the uk as a stallion or go on as a jumper. sort hard found.

16.2hh upstanding gelding, his dam competed to 140cm level while her siblings we also winners! 'pidante' by jimtown jumped to 135 level as did 'sidante' by indorado. hes somewha underproduced having competed in farmer shows, he wilkl have a very big future showjumping, he has all the quality to go a long way.fabulous tempered.

Beautiful uostanding rangey type, this mare represents some of the best european blood. 16.2hh 4yo mare, she comes straight from the farm and is full of quality. she moves with lightness and athleticism and has a very natural jump loose in her first efforts. great temperament.

16.2hh rising 3yo german grey gelding. his dam currently competes ayt 135/140cm level while her full siblings 'gea 05' competes at 140cm level, 'gigilo' aka 'grand courage' is a licensed stalllion in germamy and competes to 150cm level  aswell as 'crummel' competes to 140cm level also. lovely model in the rough off the farm, is a nnatural jumper in lifetime first jumps and a fabulous type. great temperament. a very worthy store.

16.2hh rising 4yo super german gelding.comes from a stromg dam line, his dam is now jumping at 140cm level while her siblings 'charmoine II' by ramirado is jumping 155cm classes in germany under Pia Reich, while 'curano' by cormint is jumping 140cm classes in sweden under Frida Martinsen. hes a  striking upstanding sort hes a real professionals dream type to produce for a BIG career showjumping or eventing. straight from the farm he is a good mover and has all the scope in his loose jumping. We will now start to break him... very desirable this one!

Also a true county worker prospect...

superb example of a sports horse this, dream type, dream pedigree and all the quality. this truly is the sort impossible found as 4yo. 15.3hh now she is a really modern scopey type with a great step and a natural jump in her first loose efforts. type very hard found.

16.1hh 4yo dutch mare, by the olympic star verdi. This is bred in the purple, her dam is a real head turner now in poland jumping at 140cm level. Her dam is also sister to 'wersina' by voltaire who aswell as being elite graded jumped to 160cm level under joe whitakker and Ben talbot. 'Ersina' by wizzerd is starting 130cm classes at 6yo and looks to have a big future under francesa capponi in italy. Furthermore, 'zeus' by quattro is jumping `130cm classes currently.

This mare is the image of her sire, is light from the floor, has a super step and a class jump loose. ready to break and produce she has a very exciting future,

16.2hh. Rising. 5 supermodel! For the same dam comess 'fabricio' who at rising 6yo is already competitive at 130 level. He's by zirocco blue. This guy. Has all the scope , a faultless technique and is just being broken proving to have a good mind. A serious jumper.  for the future.

what a pedigree, 16.h now lovely big scopey type she's a real athlete and a natural jumper .she will develop into the sort impossible to find. Think a lot of this one. Super tempered.

16h. Now  lovely scopey type she's by the World Cup jumping sire ridden by sergio alvarez moya for Spain with great results. Lovely mother line this filly has an exciting future. One to watch..

whata  pedigree.....

with this in mind this super model of a mare has bred a foal as a 4yo and is now ready to produce. Shes an out and out jumper and moves with lightness and quality. this is one to produce....

16.1hh ultra blood real sporty type, this mare is a very exciting store. From a dam line littered with graded dams, his dam is ster prok graded while her brother 'Couson'  by upto date is competing this year to 155cm level in holla d under piet raymakers. He is also a  licensed stallion with zangersheide. this is a real mover and a natural jumper, the sort impossible to find as a 4yo...a very savy store to put away til 2017!

16.2hh 4yo gelding, straight from the farm, hes a lovely upstanding sort and by a stallion who has given a lot of good progeny to us over the years. From a stromng dam line, on paper and in the flesh this guy will be a real jumper prospect.  nice mover and green loose jumping but looks to have all the raw materials...ready to break. 

16.2hh 3yo dutch gelding. a tall athletic modern sort. he is a real sports horse in the making. His dams brother is licensed in the uk ' jos de vos' by wellington. he moves with range and quality and looks very scopey loose. fabulous tempered too.

16hh 3yo german bred mare, the ultimate ladies eventer. really moves, has a super brain and a lovely manner to her. in her loose jumping shes electric fron the floor. is riding sensibly and is a very sought aftere type with a great temperament.

16.1hh 3yo dutch gelding, ultra modern type, this guy has avery exciting future. from some of the worlds best bloodlines, his dam jumped to 140cm level before going to stud.  he is electric off the floor in huis paces and is world class in his jump loose. he will excite in next years 4yo classes and go a long way beyond.

16hh now, supermodel of the horse world. this is a true stallion prospect of the highets order, it woould be criminal to cut him. his dam , after jumping at 140cm level herself has produced a couple pof serious horse already. 'not again' by lux is licensed with the aes and jumped to 160cm level under ludo phillipaerts in belguim, while 'rafaela' jumped to 140cm level and is also by lux. This guy moves with blood and quality and is electric off the floor in his first loose jumps. he will have a very exciting future.

16.1hh 5yo dutch mare, an absolutely stunning example of dutch breeding, she combines some very good blood (from the samer dam comes 'acamorka' by tenerife vdl who jumps 130s, and 'icamorka' by ahorn who jumps to 160cm level in the usa) , with a superb temperament a class jump loose and a very good step. she is riding sensibly and has a canter to die for, she will have a very big future showjumping or eventing. sort hard found.,

16.1hh 4yo dutch mare, a really superb sort, she combines some of the very best continental and tb blood, she will be a top class jumper or event prospect. Her dam has already produced the stallion and 150cm jumper 'amon mq' by Cobra who is ridden in spain by alfonso salguerro rebolledo. sttraight from the farm  she is the sort that the whole world is looking for. one that should not be missed! 


update: november 2015, attened first show jumping clear 90cms......