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16.2hh 4yo liver chestnut dutch mare, a really lovely upstanding model. she is straight from the farm , has a great step and a naturally scopey jump loose. sbhe is worthy pof any professionals yard to produce. ready to crack on with.

16.1hh 3yo dutch mare. super modern type, shes the first product of her dam who jumped to 140cm level prior. her motherr, this mares grand dam, has produced a plethora of top horses. 

'onslow' by indorado jumped to 140cm level

'viktor' by corland is currenty jumping at 140cm level in the uk looking like a top one

'alpha vdl' by ahorn jumped to 155cm level under darragh kenny for ireland, mat williams foor australia, and robert ehrens for holland.

rocksina vdl'  jumped to 160cm level under cameron hanley for ireland

'secreteley' jumped to 145cm level for italy under claudiia spranzi

'teersina' by ahorn jumped to 130cm level

'champagne' currently starting 140cm classes in the uk and by indoctro


all in all this mare, is a class jumper prospect and the sort of store hard found!

16hh 3yo dutch bred chestnut colt, hes a super neat sort that oozes quality. his mum is a lifetime brood mare, as the mothers briother is 'engas zulu king' who jumped to 150cm levelf ro italy under Arianne jacovacci. in his first jumos loose hes iis naturally bright, scope and careful. straight from the farm.

16.1hh 5yo dutch mare, a true sport horse, she moveswith lightness and qualit and has a clever jumpo loos,e she will go a long way eventing or in dressage. just broken and ridng away sensibly.

16.2hh rising 8yo mare,a daughter of the prolific 'Catchas Catch Can' who was jumped by Sharon Wilde internationally she won many classes on the county circuit including 2 Daewoo Grand prix's Sharon Wilde also represented england with Catchas Catch Can in a nations cup. this mare has been lightly used competing sj to 1m level and having done numerous hunter trails. is a sensible hack. she has all the quality to catch up with her peers and could go on to be aserious jumper. !

16.1hh 3yo dutch bay mare, straight from the farm, she is a flash type, has  a super quality in her step and a very promising jump loose. will be a real sport horse in the future.

16.1hh 3yo german bred mare, superb modern athletic type, shes oozes quality and has a very careful scopey jump loose in her early jmps. se will have a very promising future eventing or showjumping.

16.1hh 5yo dapple grey dutch gelding, his grand dam not only produced 'elmero b' by ramiro z who is licensed with the kwpn but also the 140cm jumper 'no time' by epilot, ridden by abdullah sharbatley for UAE. hes straight from the farm with his full brother 4yo, is a good type with a decent step and jump loose, ready to produce for the coming season. is broken and riding sensibly....

16.1hh 4yo dapple grey dutch gelding, his grand dam not only produced 'elmero b' by ramiro z who is licensed with the kwpn but also the 140cm jumper 'no time' by epilot, ridden by abdullah sharbatley for UAE. hes straight from the farm with his full brother 5yo, is a good type with a decent step and jump loose, ready to produce for the coming season.

16.1hh 6yo dutch mare, she rpresents some of the most popular bloodlines in europe. great type, moves with quality, and has an epic, copybook jump loose that shows all the scope. she is just broken after breeding a foal as 4yo and is ripe to produce. this will go all the way showjumping ...

16.2hh 5yo dutch mare, this has it all. A jumper prospect of the highest calibre.  She bred a foal at 4yrs, she is the only progeny of her young dam who herself is just starting her competitive career just starting in 130 classes looking likely to go all the way. her grand dam ' lady cricket and co' jumoed to 140cm level and then went on to produce 'hebe' who jumped to 1150cm level and 'zagreb' who jumped to 140cm level and was also licensed with the aes as a stallion.. lovely type, with a great step, she has a world class jump loose and all the scope and care required to go all the way. she is recently broken and riding sensibly.....

straight from the farm, 16.1hh 3yo dutch mare, she represents some of the worlds best breeding, her dam jumping to 140cm level and just retired to stud. Her grand dam also produced a number of horses that jumped to 140cm level, so her dam wasnt the only one!  great sort with real quality. she is the sort hard found,

super 16.2hh big rangey modern type, he moves with quality and jumps loose with scope. great temperament and a real showjumping or eventing store.

16.1hh 3yo colt, super athletic modern sort, his dam jumped herself to 140cm level internationally (memphis de lauzelle fei number bel05031) and this guy looks to have the quality to emulate her. super special loose and has a great step to boot. dont miss him!

16hh 3yo german mare,  super modern blood type that combines some thoroughbred blood with the best lines in europe. a super mover and jumper loose, from her grand dam and also by valentino (3/4 brother) comes the licensed stallion 'van helsing' who is a real talking horse in holland at the moment currenty jumping 140 classes under Vincent voorn. she has a great temperament that defies the the old asddage about chestnut mares, she has a big future showjumping or eventing.

16.2hh 5yo modern upstanding dutch gelding, he is a lovely uphill type, who oozes quality.he is a super mover and looks natural in his first loose jumps. recently broken and ripe to produce he has a great mind and a super temperament.

16.2hh stunning 3yo dutch colt, he is a true supermodel, the dream type, a mover and top scopee in his early loose jumps. his dam jumped to 140cm level as did her full sister 'bam bam' . this is a stallion prospect of thr highest calibre and will have a mssive future.

16.1hh 5yo dutch gelding, he combines modern and throughbred blood, which as is the case with his  siblings has generated some success, with one sister and one brother competing to advanced medium in the uk and usa. flashy mover, and natural jump in his first evr attempts. he will go all the way dressage or eventing.

16.2hh 5yo rangey big jumper type, her dam is sister to 'voulez vous' 160cm jumper under marc houtzager for the netherlands.the oldest progeny of her dam is 'cambel' by numero uno, who just coming in to his 8th year is already jumping 140cm classes under amke bekhuis in holland.  loose this mare is special, showing her elasticity across the school and over a fence. just broken and ready to produce. great temperament..

16.1hh rising 3yo dutch mare. straight from the farm, she is a decent type, with a super temperament, loose athletic mover and a scopey careful; jump loose. will grow in to a ;lot more money.

15.3hh 3yo neat short coupled type, he is very very rough, straight from the farm, with his full brother 4yo.

his pedigree is class, his dam has produced:

Karanka 130cm jumper, by flemmingh

mannix d 150cm jumper by voltaire

nyranka 160cm jumoer by hinault, ridden for italy by juam carlos garcia

bronko d 130cm jumper

taranka p 130cm jumper

wranka 130cm jumper

zam v 120cm jumper 

hes no doubt got a big future showjumping his like aunts and uncles! amazing temperament...

16hh 5yo bay mare, along with her sister she comes to us straight from the farm, has a great step and looks a natural jumper loose.a real ladies dressage or event prospect. well handled and ready to break.

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL..  16.2hh rising 3yo colt. utterly modern in type, he comes from a motherline that represents some of the best blood in the world, his grand dam being responsible for producing 'glocks zaranza' a karandasj stallion who jumps to 160cm level under gerco schroeder for the netherlands. Straight from the farm, he looks the business in his first loose jumps. great temperament.

16.1hh 4yo dutch mare, a quality elegant type, her grand dam is responsible for producing 'hello urlsula' ridden to top level by scott brash. She moves with real flair, and has a super way to her in her first jumps loose. A top prospect for this years young horse classes eventing or in the dressage arena.

16.2hh 8yo dutch mare. been in same home since a 4yo where she has competed in veteran classes to 1m level. she has much more to give, is a scopey careful jumper and is nice on the flat. a rare find, she combines a little mileage with untapped potential. great temperament.

16.1hh 4yo gorgeous dapple grey mare, she combines some of the very best jumping and dressage blood and in her first jumps loose of her lifetime she looks a real natural.In the rough off the farm,  Without doubt she could excel in the young event horse classes this coming season, the dressage arena, or go a long way not to miss.

16.2hh 6yo chestnut mare, the only product of the prolific winner royal rose ridden by steven and ellen  whitakker and out of the internatioanl grade a nova du montios ridden to too many grand prix wins to emntion by andy austin and peter charles. Shes been with us since 4yo and jumnped many clears in 11ocm classes last summer, and is now coming bak after her winter break. fabulous tempered, and a real contender for this years 6yo, she is the DREAM TICKET!

16.1hh 4yo mare, a gorgeous type, she comes straight off the farm, is a real elastic mover and has a copybook jump loose. nice tempered, and curren tly being broken, will be super for young horse classes in 2015 in dressage or eventing.