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16.1hh 6yo dutch bred gelding. Imported by us as a 4yo and has since been in a riding club home, hes competed to 90cm level sj, and is working sensibly on the flat. He moves with quality, and will have a massive future, the grounding is done  and now hes ready to go on. Is a very exciting prospect, good enough for a professional and easy enough for a weekend rider to go showjumping or eventing.

16.1hh 7yo dutch mare, superb modern type.She has jumped to 110cm level in holland with a relatively inexperienced rider, shes sweet on the flat inc changes  and honest and uncomplicated in her jumping, being scopey, careful and willing. hacks sensibly and would suit a lady or yr to go on with, will bring someone a lot of success. we think a lot of her, and she is the sort ver hard found.

16.2hh 6yo mare, a superb type, the ultimate sports horse, this one really excites me. her sire is the sire of a plethora of top horses including jos verloys world cup horse domino. Her dam is currently jumping to 140cm level, and the brother to her dam by alexis z named 'talexis van't voorhof' is a licensed stallion with the bwp. She has bred a foal as a 4yo and is currently being broken, she is a jumper prospect of the highest quality.

16.1hh now 2yo dutch gelding. a real starfor the future, his dam also produced 'spicegirl de pleville' who jumps currently to 140cm level, and his grand dam produced, 'demons des etisses' who is licensed selle francais and jumps to 140cm level, 'eve de etisses' who jumps to 160cm level in france under hubert bourdy, and 'nabis des etisses'  by narcos who jumps to 140cm level. hes natural in his first loose jumps and has a massive future, the sort of store very hard found.

16.2hh 9yo dutch mare, superb modern type, she has competed to 120/130cm level , been in the same home since 5yo, only being sold now as owners had lots younger horses coming on. is uncomplicated to do and quite a find in that regard, hacks sensibly, and is nice tempered and easy on the flat. sort that will give someone a lot of fun.

2nd of two yealrings we have just bought, this is the ultimate store....

by the now legendary stallion zirocco blue and from an exciitng damline, his dam jumps in national classes this year and her brothers include 'everest vdll' who is swb licensed and jumped to 140cm level, 'glennridge' by wellington who not onluy jumped to world cup level but also was licensed kwpn, . Also ccoming from the  same dam was 'arkansas vdl' licensed ish  and aes and jumping to 140cm level. 

Shes a gorgeous type and the sort impossible found , as a 4yo she would be in the hands of people who wouldnt let her go! one not to miss...

we dot normally stock yearlings but we just boight two too nice to leave behind....


from a truly incredible damline, his 5yo mother is highly regarded in her forst season jumping. Her brothers by baloubet du rouet are both 'taloubet vdl' who jumps t q50cm level and is licsened aes, and selle francais. also, 'bordeaux vdl' who jumps to 160cm le vel and is licensed zangersheide, and bwp. striaght from tghe farm, he is of the ultimate quality, the sort impossible to find as a 4yo. you won twant to miss him...

16.2hh 6yo dutch gelding, superb modern uphill type, he comes from an elite dam who herself jumped to 140cm level, she then went on to produce a niumber of foals, the oldest 'dolores' by eurocommerce berlin has at 7yo just started in 140cm classes for ireland under richard howley.  

he has been well broken and is riding sensibly, and is ripe to produce, will have a very big future. 

now this is flash!! 16hh now 2yo chestnut gelding, extra smart type,he wil never be lost in a crowd. His dam jumped to 140cm level with an amatuer rider, Interestingly, her two brothers by darco both jumped to 160cm/world cup level. 'Eurocommerce deauville' jumped under alexa ferrer in france whereas 'nec plus ultra de leuze' jumped under elicia edgar for canada,

In his first jumps loose he looks exciting and he is a sure fire jumper prospect of the highest quality.Moves with quality he will draw the eye down the centre line, smart event prospect too. nice tempered,

15.2hh 3yo dutch mare, super neat ladies future sports horse. she comes from an exciting dam line, her dam at 8yo is stepping up to 140cm level this season and the grand mother notably produced 'triumph' by concorde who jumped to 140cm level, aswell as 'wersina' by voltiare who jumped to 160cm level under ben talbot and joe whitakker in the uk. exciting jumper loose, she looks thr good, and moves swith quality. shes also broken and riding sensibly, a very sought after type. lovely tempered.

16hh now 2yo dutch mare. superb modern type from a damline that has produced 1140cm jumpers including 'cascade z' by calvaro. She is rough off the farm but a very striking sort she will develop into a real jumper prospect. in her lifetime first jumps she looks natural and light from the floor. super tempered.

16hh 3yo dutch mare, an ultra modern type she is green as grass and comes straight from the farm, is a born sports horse, moves with flair and jumps in her first jumps loose like a very serious competition prospect.

16.2hh 3yo uber smart dutch gelding. upstanding modern blood type, he will go all the way as a jumper or eventer, hes the sort the whole world is looking for. straight from the farm this week, he has a very exciting future.

16hh now super glam type. 2yo dutch mare, this is a true sports horse, straight from the farm, shes a real mover and has a fab jump loose . a top flight jumper or eventer prospect ,she represents some of the worlds best bloodlines.

16.1hh now ultra modern big scopey dutch mare, straight from the farm. She represents some of the very best breeding in the world today, and within her motherline there are some very exciting horses. From the same dam 'simone' comes 'armantico' by hold up premier who is just starting 140cm classes in spain, and 'expresso' (azteka vdl who is also an  indoctro son) who is as a 6yo starting 130cm classes under  robert/ kate whitaker.  Most notably, the grand mother produced the Corland son 'willem' ridden to many grand prix victories in ireland under Emily turkington.

Shes as green as grass and in her first lifetime jumps looks natural and careful. she moves with quality too, and will develop in to a real horse for the future..

16,2hh 3yo dutch gelding,  a superb example of his sires stock, hes utterly modern, has big loose elastic paces and is a born jumper. he will have a very big future showjumping or eventing and is the sort very hard found. highly regarded.

16.3hh 3yo gelding, british bred, by the young renkum stallion who is by renkum of centre, a previos 150cm horse under peter murphy and out of the derby specialist 'wiston bridget' who was ridden to top level by stuart harvey and latterly by tim stockdale in nations cups in aachen, spruce meadows and a umber of others, she was one of the best jumpers of her generation.

Lovely big scopey type he looks a real jumper . will be one with storing and producing next year. super temperament,.

16.2hh 5yo dutch grey mare, a lovely modern type, classically bred, her dam jumped to 150cm level,. also out of her dam already are, 'umpire' who jumps to 145cm level with jaime guerra and 'kilkenny rindo' who jumps to 160cm level in the usa with rich fellers. Alos from the same dam is another of our stock the douglas 6yo who has just about to start at 130cm level having many results at 120cm level as a 5yo in holland. 

shes bred one foal as a 4yo and is riding sensibly now, she has all the jump loose and is light from the floor with scope and care. one to produce all the way.

16hh stunning dutch grey gelding, a wonderful type, by an unlicensed son of clinton, he is straight from the farm and  is a born athlete, and a jumper of the quality everybody is looking for , a special one wqith a big future. ready to break and go jumping or eventing. one not to miss.

15.2hh liver chestnut 5yo dutch mare, a carbon copy of her 3/4 brother with whom she comes straight from the dutch farm. (they are out of full sister mares) she a super type, has a great step and a natural jump, a real super jumper or event prospect ripe to produce.

spectacularly bred, this colt comes straight from the farm, His fam jumped herself to 140cm level, and the dams brother by ultimo is 'california' ridden to 145cm level in the uk under ashley pulleyn. 16.1hh now, hes in the rough. in his first jumps he looks natural and is a very modern type with lots of quality and is very fashionably bred. super temperament.

16.1hh 4yo dutch mare, a really superb sort, she combines some of the very best continental and tb blood, she will be a top class jumper or event prospect. Her dam has already produced the stallion and 150cm jumper 'amon mq' by Cobra who is ridden in spain by alfonso salguerro rebolledo. sttraight from the farm and ready to break she is the sort that the whole world is looking for. one that should not be missed! 

This is the sort the whole world is looking for... 16.2hh 3yo dutch gelding, his dam jumped to 150cm lvel and then has proiduced a couple of foals. Most notably, 'another pleasure' by for pleasure who jumps to 160cm level and is a licensed stallion , he was ridden by Peter geerink for holland. Futhermorte, on british soil, the exciting event prospect 'Beautiful pleasure' ridden to ccI* and cci** success under piggy french comes from the same dam, she looks a real 4* prospect. 

This guy has limitless jump and all the ability, big and scopey, he will be on the wwish list of any professional rider and is one worthy of proiducing for the long haul.. Serious enquiries only please.

16.1hh  6youltra modern ladies horse, this dutch bred gelding comes from a serious dam, she jumped herself to 140cm level, then produced the 160cm jumper 'kilkenny rindo' ridden to 160cm glory for rich fellers in the USA aswell as 'umpire' ridden to 140cm level in mexico by M Guerra. Both htese horses were by Indorado. This guy has as a 5yo competed to 120cm level in holland and been sold to us due to the riders new university commitments. He has the quality to go a long way in the sport and wold be a super addition to any professionals string,.

16.2hh 4yo dutch mare, straight from the farm, she has bags of quality, looks careful and scopey in her first loose jumps and moves with class. she will have a big future showjumping or eventing.

16.1hh now 2yo stunning dutch filly, straight from the farm and from a very good family. her grand dam jumped to 140cm level then produced this mares dam and the licensed stallion 'adamo', the 140cm jumper 'golden lady' by voltaire and the 2* eventer 'get ready' for philip dutton in the usa. looks a real jumper in her first jumps, has  a real future in the sport...